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A headshot always took quite some time to recover from. He’d experienced it himself. With a normal bullet though. After about ten minutes he was able to move again and yank it out himself so his skull could heal properly. But with whatever bullets Clara was using hopefully it would take a few hours.

He kept his pace steady his feet seeming to nearly crack the tile underneath them with every step.

Cupid had eventually caught up to them both, a bit shocked with what he’d seen, although that wasn’t the first time he’d seen Pluto become this. But he may have been more so surprised by Clara. Which was understandable. He got on Pluto’s other side keeping up with him easily.

"The dungeons are underneath this place," Pluto answered as he made a gesture with his finger, but suddenly he brought his finger backward and slammed the doors behind them closed with his powers. It made an echoing rumble that seemed to go through the entire place, the walls that held the doors cracking under the force that just went through them.

He found the next door and yanked it open hard enough to loosen the door a bit even. It hung on the hinges as they walked through and then began down stone steps.

"Poseidon, is down here. I can sense him," Pluto said his voice sounding a bit angrier. Cupid smiled a bit looking down slightly. Poseidon would definitely get it. Zeus may have put out the orders, but Poseidon usually followed along with them happily.

Once they got down the stairs the looked around the multiple corridors. It was like a maze. But then Pluto went to the right automatically. He knew this place. He had been down here for a long time. This is where they were. And then there was the sound of a pained yell that bounced off the wall. All of them stopped in the tracks.


Pluto began running. It was hard to keep up with him as he ran, dark eyes narrowing in rage.

And then he turned the corner to see his brother leaning against the wall. Poseidon stared down at the ground but then looked over at Pluto. He let a grin come across his face. “Look at you…it’s been some time since I’ve gotten to see this side of you. You look great,” he mocked. Pluto snarled, the sound that came from his throat an actual growl. It seemed to roll through his chest, sounding somewhat like an actual animal. It wasn’t human.

And then he grabbed Poseidon by the shoulders slamming him hard against the wall. “You can hurt me…but you can’t hurt my children. They’re off limits. By all means. You’ve done something very bad brother. You and Zeus both. And I’m going to make sure you pay for it…you remember that whip…I do…I remember it very well. And I’m going to use it…on all of you. So that pretty face of yours…when I’m done with it, you won’t be able to heal it over properly for a whole month…and you know how slowly time passes by up here,” he said maliciously.

Poseidon smiled and gave a short little nod, his piercing blue eyes scanning Pluto’s features. “I’ll be waiting, little brother,” he said patronizingly. Pluto punched him hard in the gut, the force of it fracturing Poseidon’s rib cage. The air was knocked out of him and he slid to the floor hugging his torso.

Clara could put a bullet in his head as well…

That would be a good sound.

Pluto walked down the long stone corridor listening carefully until finally he turned another corner and saw them. They were behind those rusty, unnerving bars.Tigris crying and holding her knees close to her chest, looking absolutely mortified. Caspian lying on the ground, shirt ripped and barely holding on to him. He was trying heal over. The wounds on his back were clear.

They were never supposed to hurt him. He had fought…and they punished him for trying to fight back…

From the sight of his children he turned normal once again. His black eyes going back to green, and his skin turning back into a normal warmed tan of sorts. He ran over, Cupid and Clara had finally caught up behind him and walked over as well.

Tigris looked up her breathing labored and shaking. “Daddy! Mummy!” she let out as she made her way to the bars, hands wrapping around them as she looked out. Pluto took her face in his hands looking at her carefully. Her cheek was swollen and was slowly healing. Her hair was disheveled and messy. And her clothes were wrinkled from the struggle. “Baby, it’s okay. It’s okay, we’re here,” he said as his thumbs stroked over the small nicks on her face. They healed even faster after he did that. She smiled a bit the tears still coming from eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

"They hurt, Caspian. And I tried to stop them, but they were too strong," she said, her voice shaking from her crying. Pluto looked back over at Caspian, before standing up and grabbing the bars of the cell. He then yanked back pulling it right off the hinges and walking in. Tigris automatically stumbled and went to Clara, wrapping her arms around her mother as she cried into her shoulder.

Pluto was crouched down next to Caspian looking at the wounds. “How many times did they-” Pluto began to ask eyes wide as he pulled his son up into a sitting position so he could look at him. Caspian interrupted, his voice pained but still trying to stay strong, “ten.” His eyes were half closed, showing his exhaustion.

Pluto then held his son’s face in his hands looking at him. “This is my fault…THIS IS MY FAULT!” Pluto yelled as he looked down shaking his head violently and banging his fist into the stone floor. But he calmed down and looked back at his son.

Caspian shook his head a bit, his curls bouncing just slightly. “No it’s not…it’s theirs…don’t say that Dad,” he said before letting out a pained groan from the whip marks. Pluto quickly brought his hand over and pressed it against the bloodied gashes. They began to heal fast now. Caspian gritted his teeth, and then finally he let out a sigh of relief when they healed properly. He slumped over, but Pluto held him up.

He couldn’t wait to get his siblings back for this. To get all of them back for what they had done.

       Clara kept pace quickly with the gods, but when Pluto left Poseidon for her, a grim sort of smile came over her face. She had spent a long while hating Poseidon for what he had done to Pluto, and now, she hated him even more. She didn’t hesitate to go near him, dropping down by him with a knee across his lap, the fingers of her left hand tangling in his shirt while her right pressed the muzzle of the gun to his throat. His sneer was only met with the same cold smirk.

       ”I have been waiting for quite some time to do this, Poseidon,” she said calmly, and then fired - she heard the bullet go straight through his throat and into the wall behind him, felt him convulse. And with his vocal chords blasted into nonexistence, he couldn’t even scream.

       ”You were wrong to ignore me. Humans can be worse than you ever have been.” She grabbed the knife at her belt and jammed it through the newly formed hole in his throat, embedding it in the wall behind him before firing the gun into his face, as she had his brother. “Have fun getting out of that one,” she muttered as she stood and hurried to catch up with Pluto, just as she heard Caspian’s cry of pain.

       She raced to the cells just in time to let Tigris fall into her arms, her eyes darkening as she saw the damage done to her son. She held onto Tigris tightly, soothing her as she stroked her hair and kissed her head, her grip perhaps too hard - but she wasn’t letting go anytime soon, and neither was Tigris, it seemed. “Shh, it’s okay, Tigger. It’s okay. We’re taking you home, and they’re never going to mess with you again.”

       She looked up at Caspian and gave him a reassuring smile, completely opposite of the expression shown to Poseidon only moments before. “You ready to go home?” She looked to Eros. “Can you take them?” She asked steadily. “We have some business to finish here. Call the Doctor and have him keep them in the TARDIS until we get back.” She soothed Tigris as the girl’s arms tightened around her.

       ”Mum, please don’t stay, please,” Tigris begged, but Clara simply kissed her forehead again.

       ”Mummy is a bit more capable of defending herself than you’d think,” she answered, speaking in third person as she had when they were small children. “And Daddy’s here, too.” Daddy, who she was still pissed at - but it didn’t make her revenge on Poseidon any less satisfying.

       ”Mom, no,” Caspian interjected weakly, and she looked up to meet Pluto’s now green gaze.

        “We’re just going to make sure they don’t ever try for this again,” she said simply.

Cupid had crouched down next to Clara, resting his hand on Tigris’ shoulder comfortingly as they spoke. He nodded to Clara’s question but saw how resistant they were.

Pluto locked eyes with his wife for a moment and gave a nod, knowing she was definitely not going to leave. Even if he wanted her to. “They’re going to get what the deserve…the punishment for hurting either of you is large,” he said as he kissed his son on the top of the head and helped him up.

Tigris still shook in Clara’s arms still, not wanting her mother to stay. “I don’t want something to happen to you, Mum,” she let out in between her sobs. Pluto walked over with Caspian leaning against him for support and then ran a hand through his daughter’s hair. “Shh, it’s fine. She knows how to take care of herself…very well,” he reassured as he locked eyes with her once again.

"If you want me to take them back, I have to go now, before they start messing with my powers," Cupid said as he looked at Pluto seriously.

"No! I won’t go if, Mum, is staying!" Tigris said as her grip tightened around Clara. Caspian finally spoke up once again. "Tigris…we can’t stay…if we stay we’ll just put them both in more danger," he said as he tried to stand up on his own without his fathers help. Tigris sniffed and looked up at her brother eyes filled with fear. She then looked back at Clara some more tears making their way from her eyes. "O…okay…" she said reluctantly.

She began to stand up but lost her balance. They had ended up hurting her leg rather badly in her struggle. Cupid went over and helped her, picking her up into his arms. She allowed her head to rest on his shoulder as she cried a bit more not wanting to leave her parents behind. “Okay, let’s go,” he said with a nod. Caspian walked over and put his hand on Cupid’s shoulder.

Pluto gave them all a serious look. “Make sure he knows not to let them out of his sight,” he said as he locked eyes with Cupid. Cupid nodded. “Don’t worry. The Doctor knows…he’s the Doctor,” Cupid said giving Pluto a reassuring smile. He then disappeared with both of them.

Pluto ran a hand through his hair and got himself calmed down before looking back to Clara. “Alright…well let’s make sure they understand us,” he said with a nod. He was quiet for a moment before stepping over quickly and giving her a quick kiss on the lips pulling away as to not irritate her. He locked eyes with her before saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for getting any of you into this.”His voice was serious, unwavering, and clear. He wanted her to know that he didn’t mean for it to be like this. But at the same time he just didn’t want to get caught up in anything. So he turned on his heel quickly and began to head back down the corridor, her behind him. 

382,463 plays | by A Great Big World

         Why didn’t I stop her?

   Pluto was frantic as he went into the room shutting the door behind him and leaning down to see her lifeless body. His wife laid there completely cold. The blood soaked through her clothes. His green eyes were wide as he looked down at her body. Tears overflowed in his eyes and he let out another scream as he pulled her body into his arms beginning to rock back and forth.


           I could have stopped her…

   No this wasn’t supposed to happen. “No! NO! Clara, wake up! Wake up! Don’t do this to me!” he begged. His voice sounded exactly like it had sounded when he begged her to let him die. To let him go. “This is my fault…it’s my fault…YOU CAN’T JUST DIE!” he screamed shaking her. The kids weren’t here right now…no…they’d come home and see her…he couldn’t tell them. How would he tell them.

         I want to die…I want to die…

"You’re an idiot!" he yelled into her face before finally just letting his head fall onto her bloodied chest. Usually she would’ve buried her fingers into his hair comfortingly. But now…she was limp. She wasn’t warm anymore. She was colder than he was. "I love you…” he muttered. More tears made their way out from his eyes. And after half an hour he sat up and stared down at her body, face now slightly numb looking. The tears still glistened though.


   Pluto looked down and saw the gun lying on the floor. He picked it up and looked at it closely before bringing it to his own chest and pressing his finger on the trigger. The muffled bang of the gun could be heard and then he fell backward. He couldn’t seem to feel the pain. He was so emotionally drained. So finished. So he laid there. The false wound in his chest. He stared at the ceiling, some more silent tears making their way down his cheeks, hitting the floor. He wouldn’t die. But he’d slowly become less and less able to do anything…he’d stop…he wouldn’t function. He had lost her…he couldn’t replace her…she was his life…his universe…

                                     she was everything

   He’d tell the children when they got back…and he’d make it quick…and then they’d have the funeral…he’d call Cupid and the Doctor and tell them. They would mourn…and then life would have to go on for everyone…except him…he couldn’t…he couldn’t do it…


The Wrong Choice || Clara, Gabriel, and Pluto


        G u i l t.

        She couldn’t do anything more than sit on the floor in the spare bedroom with her head in her hands, sobbing, as she was overwhelmed by guilt.

       Gabriel was dead because of her. Dead because she’d chosen not to save him. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see the frantic look in his eyes, the fear in his face, hear his words - “Please, Clara, don’t, please!

       But his words - his exact words - were being repeated by another voice, at the same time. As she looked to Pluto, and he knew what she was thinking. “Please. Clara, don’t - please!

       Because Gabriel wanted to live. And Pluto didn’t.

       And she’d taken that from both of them.


       A sob escaped her, and she contracted even farther. Pluto couldn’t even look at her since. Caspian and Tigris were frantic to know what had happened between their parents, but how could they explain that she’d saved his life - against his will? That everything in her life was wrong now, because she’d chosen to trade one life for another.

       The  w r o n g  choice.

       Her hands were trembling as she clutched the gun River Song had given her long ago to her chest - she’d spent the last hour curled around the weapon, the barrel pointed straight at her heart, the safety off, loaded…

       And she hadn’t been able to pull the trigger.

       ”Coward,” she muttered to herself, her hands tightening around the grip. “Do it!" Would she go to the Underworld? She hoped not - she couldn’t face Pluto after this. Would she go to Heaven, where Gabriel had insisted her soul belonged? No, he’d said suicide was unforgivable.

       She bowed her head, another sob escaping her. The wrong decision. She’d made the wrong decision.

       The only sounds in the next few hours came in quick succession - a knock on the door, Pluto’s voice hoarsely calling, “Clara?” A click, and a bang, and a scream from the lips of the god.


       I’ m  s o  s o  r   r   y …

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that’s really not okay


i can’t even friggin imagine how he’d feel if he knew that there was a chance he could die.

he may even beg clara to just let it happen.

he would literally beg her.

and this really really hurts me.

great. and gabriel would beg her to let him live.